BQ Aquaris M5

When the past mobile phone giant, Nokia, sold its major shares to Microsoft, a lot of other companies took note and are making sure that they will not succumb to the same fate. Since then, there were many startup mobile phone companies and they have created a number of great mobile phones. Today, I am […]

HTC Desire 626

It is slowly becoming a trend nowadays that mobile phone companies create two series of mobile phones. One is their flagship model which boasts of impressive specs and the other are more premium midrange and budget-friendly counterparts. It all started with Motorola. During the advent of Motorola G, it changed the entire mobile phone landscape […]

Oppo R1x

Mobile phone manufacturers are always perfecting their flagship models, but some of them create other mobile phones to cater for the general public who do not want to spend much money, but wants to have a decent mobile phone that can power any application you throw at it. Today, we are going to take a […]

HcG Drops – a good or bad idea?

HCG Drops are an option that many weight loss dieters turn to, the real question is; are they effective ? In a simply answer, no, hcg drops are a weak substitute for Hcg injections, which should be the only way you take hcg. With drops, the hcg is often diluted, requiring larger dosages and generally¬†higher […]

New Nintendo Consoles are Coming

As the Japanese video game company Nintendo continues to build on new consoles, it is with excitement that we wait for the newest Nintendo consoles. Everyone eagerly hopes for improvements and advancements in what will come after the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. From what Nintendo has announced, the new consoles will be […]